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2004-10-12: Not only does he have a kid, but he has the cutest kid in the world
2004-10-12: i still cant believe he has a kid!
2004-10-11: this is a really nice pic of alex - chels
2004-10-07: Poor Sophie looks like she needs some sleep.
2004-10-20: hey looook everyone mcdonals!! fucking look - florida
2004-10-19: If I ever seen a coment like that again, you are going to be mad sorry-Heather
2004-10-19: It does wipe the old posts clean
2004-10-19: Hey honey,nexttime you want to post something as shallow as that,leave your name
2004-10-19: coming from someone who tried to kill her own baby with e and crystal
2004-10-14: hey was that taken the day we ran into you and nat? -kafwin
2004-10-14: Hey Nimi, youre gonna get your fucking ass breaten you dumb bitch. - Alex-
2004-10-11: they should be together
2004-10-06: what the fuck is this.. i dont like this at all, Nat looks hot though hehe
2004-10-06: Uh no. We're not. -Nat
2004-10-27: Doesnt this shot look like to Campers from 1972 about to get snuffed by Jason?
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