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2003-08-31: i agree, without the metal she'd be hot
2003-08-29: shed be prettier if she didnt have all that metal on her face
2003-08-28: I guess it is ;)... But you look hot so!
2003-08-28: who cares about these people, did somebody say homeless Krew
2003-08-28: none.i look hideous in all 3.i swear that camera is like youre second penis.
2003-08-28: Luckey Man, I'll Take Her From You Someday!
2003-08-28: You can keep her, you kinda fucked her up anyway
2003-08-28: kasper wuz here.....thats my girl
2003-09-01: Fucking l00sers
2003-09-01: stick a cock in your mouth and shut your face
2003-08-28: Wow thats a lame site!
2003-08-28: www.gigglesquirt.cjb .net my b/f site
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