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2003-08-17: I can see a rainbow high in the sky...
2003-10-10: yah maybe
2003-10-10: wow...is that girl on the left 13????
2003-10-09: hehee!dummy you should know,yer there with me evryday!
2003-10-09: the one on the left looks like she's in kindergarten
2003-10-09: yummmy sexy -Heather
2003-09-02: Young Love
2003-09-02: stop wearing that shirt. dont you have other clothes?
2003-09-01: pookie
2003-08-21: I'm a pedophile and damn proud
2003-08-21: You know it...
2003-08-21: Noah Obviously
2003-08-21: now if only the both of them would lick me
2003-08-21: rabies!!!
2003-08-18: gross.
2004-02-23: she looks like bride of chucky there
2004-02-23: nimi rocks.. leave the girl alone already
2004-02-21: that's because she is a dumb cunt!
2004-02-21: i don't know u or want to but u really say shit that makes ulook like a dumbcunt
2004-02-21: you guys are all talk.. but no action thats why i laigh at you all*nimi
2003-09-21: It's funny because it's probably true
2003-09-20: Charlie soooooooo posted that.
2003-09-20: I wish i was under her spell
2003-09-01: I think Corey must have been under her crazy Donkey spell....
2003-09-21: Yeah kinda.. no wait NOW i see it
2003-09-20: He kinda looks like his drag queen unlce Lenie doesnt he?
2003-09-20: Nah only Alex is the dirty whore in this picture
2003-09-20: WoW!!!@& We're a bunch of dirty whores! We rock! Holy shit!
2003-09-20: WOW!
2004-03-10: hehehe
2003-09-01: Donkey teeth
2003-08-21: you made me smile
2003-08-20: put that shit away! oh..wait, theres nothing there
2003-08-19: DIRT yo
2003-09-20: eh, it's called none of your business
2003-08-29: I think it was more then just that! Nimi does he make that face in bed too?
2003-08-29: Busting a nut
2003-09-01: With the spaeribs, EWWWW!!
2003-08-27: it's true i gave her some spare ribs and she let me do her in the bum.
2003-08-21: Suck your dick for a piece of chicken
2003-08-19: JAIL BAIT
2003-08-19: pukie/isa all the same yo
2003-09-11: Check out my rash girlfriend!
2003-09-01: DONKEY POWER!!
2003-08-20: oOo...armpits...love lyy..NOT
2003-09-01: ugly
2003-09-01: Nimi, stop pretending you're other ppl, Donkeyslut.
2003-09-01: pretty.............. .no
2003-08-31: yea youre right, she looks like a demented donkey!
2003-08-31: Yo shut the fuck up! Nimi don't look like a donkey
2003-09-03: awwwwww two little girls!!
2003-09-03: look @ the face she's making, ewww...
2003-08-28: wait, a bit isa will teach her!!
2003-08-28: is the girl on the left old enough to grow armpit hair??
2003-08-28: no she doesn't
2003-09-18: Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeen!
2003-09-18: ppfft! hahaha
2003-09-09: Does anyone really care?
2003-09-09: Has anyone noticed corey in the backround?
2003-08-28: ouch!
2003-08-19: and nats head
2003-08-18: mleueahhdjhaskadads HI JACK!
2003-08-27: farm sluts rock.!!! farm sluts rock.!!! farm sluts rock.!!! farm sluts rock.!!!
2003-08-20: You people make me sick!!
2003-08-20: god damn it, *i* want to melt in her insides. in a respectful way
2003-08-20: pookie is melting from the inside from too many pills
2003-08-19: need a kleenex there, drippy?
2003-09-21: yeah that was weak
2003-09-20: OUCH! not offended. Better luck next time!
2003-09-20: haha OHHH!!
2003-09-20: Yeah you must be because they aren't very good
2003-09-05: Haha Im having so much fun with these comebacks
2003-09-05: NASTY? Let me tell you what disgusts me, your pathetic biased existance loser
2003-09-05: kisses!
2003-09-05: uhh im disgusted by these nastynasty ppl
2003-09-02: So rough *tear*. Too bad you're a loser and I dont give a fuck what you think.
2003-09-01: very rough
2003-09-04: Man fruity beers should be banned
2003-09-03: whut???
2003-09-01: the guy on the left is drinking pussy drinking
2003-09-01: these ppl get way too drunk, thats what makes em look like Nat...FUGLY!!
2003-08-18: ey muchacho, do you leek mah moostasheee
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